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Membership in the Coimbatore Management Association is open to everyone engaged in professional management.

  • Corporates
  • Corporate Patrons
  • Institutions
  • Institution Patrons
  • Individuals
  • Life Membership Individuals
  • Students

CMA has about 10 Student Chapters with about 1000+ Student Members across Leading B-Schools in the Region. CMA has MOUs with Amrita and Avinashilingam Universities.

Period of membership is from April to March. Membership may be on annual basis, or life, or as a patron.

Types of Memberships:

Patron Member

(for Corporates and Institutions only)

Life Member

(for Individuals only)

Annual Member

(Annual Subscription)

Student Member

(for Students only)

Membership Fees:


  • Yearly Subscription

Rs 5000/-

  • Entry Fee - Rs 3000/-


  • Yearly Subscription

Rs 4500/-

  • Entry Fee - Rs 3000/-


  • Yearly Subscription

Rs 1500/-

  • Entry Fee - Rs 500/-


  • Yearly Subscription

Rs 250/-

(10% Disount for 2 years subscription)
  • Entry Fee - Rs 50/-

Life Membership Individuals

  • Lifetime Subscription

Rs 15000/-

  • Entry Fee - Rs 500/-

Patrons, Corporates, Institutions

  • Lifetime Subscription

Rs 35000/-

  • Entry Fee - Rs 1000/-

Membership Benefits:

There are many benefits offered by CMA to its members. These include:

  • - Professional Networking
    - Training Programmes and Consulting Services

  • - Monday Musings (regular updates on information and knowledge)
    - Special Programmes (learning from experts)

  • - Customised, company-specific programmes
    - Special programmes for students and faculty

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